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    PHONE: 716-407-9175
    EMAIL: wlambert@clarenceschools.org

    Welcome to the vocal music site!

         My name is Bill Lambert, and I have been teaching vocal music for 37 years.  This is my 32nd year at Harris Hill. 

       I teach grades K-5 general music and 4th and 5th grade chorus.  The Clarence Music Department has an excellent comprehensive, NYS Standards based K-12 Music Curriculum.  At the elementary level, all students  meet one time every week for 45 minute classes.  The 4th and 5th grades also meet a second time each week for chorus, which is our "musicianship lab".  During chorus, everything that has been learned in the previous years can now be put into practice!

             This year's focus will be singing songs from the "Get America Singing Again" Collection.  Join us for one of our assemblies, concerts or our annual Holiday Sing, and be prepared to sing along!

             You can click on the other tabs to see chorus schedules, NYS music standards and an overview of what is covered each year of general music class.