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    Welcome to Grade 6 Math!
    We have a busy year planned with plenty of new things for you to explore. Life in the middle school is busy with clubs to join, sports to try and new friends to make. Your day will include lots of walking as you move from one class to the next, and lots of thinking as you work with new teachers and classmates. In Math class, we will be studying the Common Core State Standards for Math and challenging ourselves to THINK DEEPLY and grow in our understanding of math. 

    The math content studied this year will add another layer to the foundation of skills you have built during the six years of elementary school. This year the layer will be a bit "deeper" and more tied to the real world experiences that you will be experiencing in the years to come. Just as it is necessary to build a firm foundation when building a new house, it is vital that our math foundation remain strong.  Throughout the year we take time to review the foundational skills that pertain to our current unit of study to help maintain that strong foundation. Sometimes, however, you may need additional practice outside of the school day. Continued review of the four basic math operations is a good way to strengthen and maintain those foundational skills on which all math concepts are built. Students need to be able to fluently - without thinking - compute basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems (math facts).  We will be using the online XtraMath program to build our fluency in the multiplication and division facts which are such an important part of our units of study.

    Continue to ask yourself:,

    • Have you mastered the multiplication facts through 12's? 
    • Can you successfully divide with two and three-digit divisors?
    • Can you multiply with three digit factors?  
    • Do you understand the difference between a fraction and a whole number?  A decimal and a whole number? A fraction and a decimal?
    • What about percent? Do you know what it is and what it represents?
    • Have you mastered performing the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) using decimal numbers? Can you add, subtract and multiply fractions?

     Review of these skills should be part of your study routine at home until proficiency in each area is achieved. As with so many things in life, much practice is needed to be successful in math class. With consistent practice and attention to the details of each problem, 6th grade math will be a challenge met and conquered! 

     Extra Help

    Extra help is available for all students from the following sources:

    • Learning Center (part of the Library)
      • Before school (8:00 AM) - there are math teachers that staff the LC in the morning daily. It is advised to arrive no later than 7:45 to ensure a spot. 
      • During school - students may go to the LC during study halls, a teacher is there each period.
      • After school Monday through Thursday - a math teacher is available daily to assist students. A late bus is available to take students home at 4:40.
    • Math Help Lunch Table:  Mrs. Zeiger, a sixth grade math teacher, helps students at designated tables in the north cafeteria; look for her sign!   This is a good place to get homework help, or to check in if you had to miss class for a lesson or appointment. 
    • Success Lunch: rotates between the assigned teachers Monday through Thursday.  The schedule for this year will be posted outside of my classroom.  Your lunch should be brought with you to eat during these help sessions; it is a "working lunch."
    • Meet with Mrs. Craig by appointment, subject to availability.  Homeroom, lunch and study hall are good times to touch base with me should you have a question, or are going to be out of class for a lesson etc..
    • A list of recommended tutors is available through the counseling office

     Relax and enjoy. I am here to guide you through the twists and turns of middle school and Grade 6 Math. 


    Remember....Math is not a spectator sport.  You must practice it daily in order to succeed!"

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