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    EMAIL: jpodsadowski@clarenceschools.org             
    Reach for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
     About the Teacher: 
    This is my fourth year in the Clarence School District and my 14th year teaching.  I have taught preschool, fourth, fifth and sixth grade.  Once I landed in a 6th grade position 9 years ago, I have been lucky enough to stick with this age group.  I love teaching sixth grade since it is such a huge transition year!  It is amazing to see my sixth-graders progress throughout the year into more independent and confident students.    
    This is a tool for both parents and students.  Parents, please encourage your child to be as independent as possible when accessing the site.  Sixth graders, there are many resources available to help YOU be successful....USE THEM!!!
    •  Homework for each class I teach is posted as it is assigned (see links on left).
    • Notes:  I am a consultant teacher for Mrs. Craig's math class.  Please see Mrs. Craig's website for annotated notes from class.  These notes are posted daily and are an excellent resource. 
    • Schoology: This is an additional site designed to providing even more resources including review games, videos, notes, assignments and other important information for each class I teach.  It is also a place for teacher/student communication.  Parents, your child will need to log in to access this site, so please let me know if he/she is experiencing any difficulty doing so.  Click the link below to log in to my Schoology site. 
     I use Schoology in my classroom! Please click here to log in.