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    TEACHER: Joanne Furlano
    PHONE: 716-407-9715
    EMAIL: [jfurlano@clarenceschools.org]

    About the Teacher:  I have been a teacher in the Clarence Central School District for 16 years.  I taught Life Science and Physical Science in the Buffalo School System prior to joining the Clarence Central School District.
    You have entered the Science Kingdom of Ms. Furlano.  As young scientists you should be as excited as I am to explore the world of Life Science.  Life Science is an introduction to Biology.  Some of the topics we will be devoting our time to this year are:  Metric Measurement, Cytology (study of cells), Genetics, Botany (study of plants), Human Biology, and Environmental Science in relation to animals.  We will be spending time doing experiments and other activities pertaining to these topics.  Our curriculum is aligned with the New York State Standards.  I am looking forward to our time together this year and getting to know each of you as you enter the world of Life Science!
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