Harris Hill Elementary

Together We Make Learning A Way Of Life

Supply list for Mrs. Strauss’ Intermediate class



•  Sneakers for gym, change of clothes for 4/5 grades, and a lock for their gym locker

•  A smock for art (a man’s shirt with sleeves shortened makes a good “coverall”)

Snacks daily (no pop or candy, please)

Please note, do not put any names on any of the NOTEBOOKS OR FOLDERS.


Our class will need:

       4 large boxes of tissue – replaced throughout the year if needed
3 two-pocket (with center 3-hole clips) folders –green, blue, and yellow

     1 black marble composition notebooks, 100 sheets, wide ruled

  5th graders need 2 spiral notebooks –green, blue, wide rule

     4th graders need 1 spiral notebooks –green with wide rules   

  3 dozen # 2 pencils

  1 dry erase marker, chisel tip, any color

     1 package of highlighters—various colors

  1 box of colored pencils

         1 small pencil sharpener for desk

      1 very large pencil bag large enough to hold pencils, crayon, sharpener,    glue, etc.

      1 pad 3 x 3 post-it sticky notes

      4th and 5th graders will need 1 box quart Ziploc baggies

      12 glue sticks