• Goals: To produce a positive record of the school year.
    Yearbook demands commitment. Mature, dedicated students with strong organizational skills should apply. Yearbook members need to be disciplined, well-organized leaders who have a good eye for detail and who have a flexible time schedule. Students who are interested in photography, writing and design should may be need on the yearbook staff.  Yearbook Application 
    2018 Yearbook
    Senior Photos & Quotes are due October 6, 2017. (Senior Dues must be paid by the same date.)
          You may use any photographer you wish.
           We can not use your school ID photo unless you have a printed copy. 
          Head and shoulders only please. No full body photographs.
          No props, hats, sunglasses, cars, animals, or sports equipment.
          Please make sure clothing adheres to the Student Code of Conduct.
          2x3 inches, 300dpi, jpeg. (file name: last name first name)
         email photos as an attachment to: pscumaci@clarenceschools.org

    2018 Yearbook - order online.

    Please order your yearbook online through our yearbook company, Balfour.
    Sales end January 31, 2018
    Surplus yearbooks will be sold in June on a first come, first serve basis.

    We strongly recommend getting your name stamped on the front cover to prevent accidental loss and confusion.

    2018 Senior Parent Patron Ads
    Deadline Feb 28, 2018 
    Go to balfour.com, search for Clarence High School to get started.
    Senior Parent Patron Ads must be completed on February 28th. 
    Ads are intended for parents of graduating seniors.