• 3rd Marking Period Newsletter 2018

    7th grade


    On March 14th students were fortunate to see a presentation from former UB football player and WNY native, Alex Neutz, about the dangers of the opioid epidemic and also how to deal with mental health concerns.  Please continue to have discussions with your children about keeping healthy, making appropriate choices and finding that trusted adult they feel comfortable with.   If you have any concerns, please call a student services professional for assistance.

    Seventh graders only have a quarter of the school year left and it is going to fly by.   Just a reminder that this could be the most important quarter for students.  Please encourage your child to continue to work hard when it comes to homework and studying.  I understand that outside activities are starting up.  With the nice weather it is harder to focus, but that is exactly what we need from our seventh graders.  Find that designated time each night that they can complete assignments and study for tests.  Regarding final exams, students should start looking over previously assigned quizzes and tests and use them as study guides; the sooner the better.  Cramming doesn’t work. Student’s need to look over their “study guides” over time.  Research states that looking over notes for short daily periods (20 minutes) over a long stretch of time (2 weeks) will increase student’s recollection to the material.  Happy studying!!! 


                                                                                                                    Dan Fox

                                                                                                                    7th grade school counselor