• Classroom Information
    Our Day

    Morning Meeting

    After the children unpack their backpacks and folders, they join me on the rug for Greeting, Share Time, Songs/Games, and Morning Letter.


    We learn and practice the correct formation of letters and numerals, beginning the year with pre-writing strokes.

    Word Study

    The children are given the opportunity to compare, contrast, and classify categories of sounds and words.  They do this through teacher directed instruction, as well as, independent learning.


    We incorporate literature, hands-on manipulatives, and concrete representations to provide a well rounded math experience.

    Science/Social Studies

    This is when we learn about our theme by participating in shared reading, read-alouds, shared writing, creative writing, and project/craft time.


    Please pack your child's nut free snack in a brown bag/reusable bag labeled with his/her name on it.  It is okay to include a drink.  Please keep the snack small, as snack time is only 10 minutes and we eat about an hour later.

    Readers Workshop

    Students are instructed on various reading strategies and comprehension skills.  They are given time for independent practice and then come back together to share.

    Literacy Groups 
    Students will rotate through various literacy based stations.  Stations will consist of independent work, meeting with our classroom aide, and guided reading with me. 


    Please label lunch money envelopes with your child's name.  If your child is buying milk only, please include the milk money envelope inside his/her lunchbox.


    Rest towels will be sent home periodically throughout the year to be washed.


    This extra physical education time is provided one day a week.  It lasts 30 minutes.


    Please refer to the specials schedule sent home with students.

    Writer's Workshop

    Students learn various genres of writing throughout the school year: narrative, non-fiction, & opinion.

     Play Time

    Students have the opportunity to choose various centers to visit.  Some centers are open for free exploration, some have specific tasks that all students must complete.

    Dismissal If you are picking up your child at the end of the day, be sure to send a note into school that morning