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Keeping Our Promises

The final phase of the $32.9 million Clarence School District capital project is now substantially complete.  The capital project journey began in November 2013 with the creation of a Citizens’ Advisory Task Force on Facilities. It ends almost four years later with significant improvement to every building in the school district.

The school district promised the Clarence community that we would exercise proper stewardship over our buildings, which range in age from 48 to 75 years old. There had not been a major general repair and maintenance project for over 40 years until the community approved the $32.9 million project in 2014. We promised that health and safety issues would be addressed, along with HVAC, electrical and general building envelope concerns. In addition, we promised to build an advanced technology infrastructure and completely renovate our athletic complex at the high school.
I am proud to report that we have kept our promises and everything we said would get done in the capital project has been completed, or will be completed this fall. The project is on time and under budget, and most importantly, our students are reaping the benefits of improved facilities.
In the first phase of the project we installed or repaired roofs at all four elementary schools and the high school. In the second and third phases, we completed electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and site work upgrades at all of the buildings. We also installed security surveillance cameras, and upgraded classroom door locks to prevent intruders, as well as replaced or refinished the gymnasium floors in each of the buildings. We replaced classroom carpets with vinyl tile, installed a new elevator at the high school, replaced the high school pool dehumidifier, and installed new doors at every building. We replaced the filter and installed new tile grout in the middle school pool and upgraded the lights in the auditorium. We painted the high school auditorium and installed new fly ropes and weights for the backdrop system. We installed a new loading dock and canopy entrance at Ledgeview Elementary and improved the emergency generator capacity in all buildings. We replaced the septic system at the transportation garage and repaved the bus parking area. 
Each of our buildings now has a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, with complete wireless capacity and a virtual network whereby students can access applications and files through cloud computing. The most visible element of the project is our newly renovated athletic complex at the high school with three turf fields that allows every outdoor sport to practice and play games regardless of the weather, and which the community youth sports programs can utilize.

Geoffrey Hicks Photo
Geoffrey M. Hicks, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools