Clarence Central School District

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School Health Services     Nurse cartoon

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: If you are a Registered Nurse and interested in substitute work throughout the district, please contact Lynn Poitras, the district’s nurse coordinator at (716) 407-9152.

Clarence Center Lynn Poitras, RN
(716) 407-9152
(Nurse Coord.) 
Harris Hill Kathy Stubbe, RN
(716) 407-9181
Ledgeview Jean Rois, RN
(716) 407-9280
Sheridan Hill Erin Burry, RN
(716) 407-9256
Middle School LouAnn Bajdas, RN
(716) 407-9223
High School Barb Ritchie, RN
(716) 407-9029
Nativity Hana Muller, RN
(716) 633-1531
District Nurse
Penny Curtis, RN
             (716) 407-9152

Each Clarence Central School building has a health office staffed by a registered nurse during student attendance hours. Students remaining for after school activities are under the supervision of an adult staff member. An athletic trainer is on site for athletic practices and athletic competitions at the high school. All members of the coaching staff are trained in first aid and CPR according to state guidelines. 

The following are the District’s Medical Directors:

Dr. Charles J. Francemone, MD                         Kelly Naab, PNP

Whenever an emergency may occur, either during or after school hours, every effort will be made to notify parents or other emergency contacts. In extreme emergencies and when the parent or other emergency contacts are not reachable, the student’s health and safety may necessitate transportation of the student to the hospital via ambulance. In those rare circumstances when the parent is unavailable, a staff member, if available, will accompany the student until the parent arrives.