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Music Task Force

The Clarence Central School District has established a goal for the 2015-16 school year of examining the music program. To that end, a Music Task Force will be convened and charged with analyzing our existing music program offerings and schedules as well as examining alternative programs from across New York State and the nation. The Task Force will meet monthly from October 2015 through February 2015, and will make a formal report of their findings to the Board of Education at the February 13, 2016 public meeting.

The Task Force will be comprised of community members, teachers, administrators and a student representative. If you have an interest in serving on the Music Task Force, please email ( or call (407-9102) Superintendent Geoffrey Hicks.

Information from the Music Task Force meetings can be accessed by clicking on the list in the right navigational pane of this web page. 

Linked Web Items for November 16, 2015 Task Force Meeting