• Welcome to Clarence Center Elementary School and our building website.  It is our hope that this website provides information about the events and happenings within our building as well as your child's classroomPrincipal Colleen J Coggins

    For those new to Clarence Center Elementary, welcome. To those who have been part of our Clarence Center family over the years, thank you. There is something unique about our school family.  We feel so fortunate to be part of such a caring community.  From teachers, staff, PTO, families and local businesses alike, we continue to learn and grow together.  I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this wonderful community for nearly ten years.  I invite you to take part in our school community from school wide events, weekly morning programs and the overall learning partnership with your child.  

    In addition to your child's academics, your child will have a multitude of opportunities to learn and grow.   Our elementary program offers art, music, library, physical education, enrichment groups, and opportunities to perform in choral, band and orchestra groups (Grades 4-5).  Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) also provides a variety of family events as well as after school

    Yet, all of our programs would not be nearly as rich without partnering with families.  Your role in your child's education is a cornerstone to our success at Clarence Center.  Over the course of the school year, I look forward to watching  your child grow and become a "kind," "respectful" and "responsible" part of our Clarence Center Family.   You will find that these words and traits are the foundation of our character education program as you walk through our front doors. 

    Enjoy learning more about our school and programs as you navigate around our website!
    Miss Coggins