Welcome to Our Second Grade Garden of Growth...

    Welcome to the 2016-2017 year in Room 209 at Clarence Center.  I am looking
    forward to a fantastic year with your second grader.  I hope you enjoy this
    website as a way to stay in touch and enhance home and school
     You will have an exciting year in second grade and will learn many new things.  I hope this website will serve as a place where I can share what is going on in our classroom with you. 

    Highlights of Second Grade!

    ReadingThe structure for my reading program is a workshop format.  Students are taught to read independently using strategies modeled in mini-lessons, read alouds, small groups, and in individual conferences.  Reader's Workshop emphasizes the importance of student engagement and the interaction between reader and text to foster independence among readers. 

    Writing: Writing will occur in the form of a Writer’s Workshop.  Writers' Workshop has a similar format to Readers' Workshop. In second grade these genres of writing are emphasized:

    • Personal Narrative
    • Science Lab Reports
    • Book Reviews
    • Poetry 

    Math: Our goal is to produce students who will (1) have mathematical knowledge, (2) have an understanding of mathematical concepts, (3) be able to apply their mathematical understanding and knowledge in the solution of problems, (4) construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others and (5) use appropriate tools strategically.


    Science: There are three main units of science taught this year: Interactions, Plant and Animal Life Cycles, and Measurement. 


    Social Studies: The grade two program studies what a community is and what factors impact on the development of that community.