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  • Graduation Pathways

    Clarence High School offers five distinct pathways to graduation that allow students to specialize in coursework that interests them and prepares them for post-graduation careers. The decision regarding a specific graduation pathway usually occurs near the end of freshman year and most of the pathways allow participation in specialized coursework beginning in the sophomore year.

    There are two traditional graduation pathways and three more recent additions. The first pathway involves students choosing advanced coursework through our Advanced Placement (AP) and direct college courses. In total, the high school offers 23 AP, three Syracuse University, two Niagara University, and two Erie Community College courses that allow students to accrue college credits, giving them a head start toward a college degree and saving tuition dollars as well. The advanced courses provide students an experience that mirrors the rigor and critical thinking of college coursework.

    The second pathway involves choosing a trade and taking courses at the BOCES Career and Technical Education Centers (CTE). There are 38 CTE programs available at BOCES ranging from auto technician training to welding. Students enroll in the CTE courses as juniors and seniors, spending half the day at BOCES and half the day at CHS.

    Project Lead the Way is a third graduation pathway. Students enroll in pre-engineering courses such as engineering design and digital electronics that provide opportunities to apply math, science, and technology skills in rigorous, authentic ways, and that stress finding solutions to real-life problems. Students have the ability to earn Rochester Institute of Technology credits.

    The Academy of Business and Finance is the fourth graduation pathway. Students complete a series of business courses along with an extensive authentic summer internship with a local business during the summer of their junior year.  Students are also involved in specialized learning opportunities with local business leaders. Upon graduation students earn certification from the National Academy Foundation.

    The final and newest pathway is the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts. In addition to taking a sequence of rigorous art and music courses, students engage in bi-monthly meetings, seminars and special visual and performing events. Students are required to participate in visual and performing arts extracurricular activities as well.

    Please be reminded that the public vote for our proposed $27 million capital project will be held on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm in the high school gymnasium.

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  • Geoffrey M. Hicks, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools