• Since learning a language involves regular repetition, there is almost always a small daily homework assignment.  Assignments are posted on the white board in room 123 along with upcoming tests, quizzes and projects.  Students are responsible for copying them down in their agenda. 

    I do not post daily homework assignments on-line since a student must be physically present in school to obtain the worksheet or handout.  I am always willing to hand out extra copies of assignments to friends or siblings.  If a student is absent and would like to receive their work that way, they should ask a peer to visit me.  When students return after an absence, they should check the black binder in room 123 to see what work they have missed.
    Beyond these daily short assignments, students need to review material on their own beyond the basic homework assignment on a daily basis.  Review activities are available by clicking the following link:

    Login: firstnamelastname280   Password: french

    Homework is due at the beginning of the period.  Late work is not accepted for credit.  In case of absence, the assignment is due upon the immediate return of the student.  Twice each marking period, a student receives a 20 point homework completion grade based on effort.  Each missing assignment results in 4 point penalty.  A homework record book (with full details about the HW completion grade on the inside front cover) is passed around the classroom regularly so students are aware of where they stand for this grade.
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