• Classroom Information

    I am located in room 206. Please view the welcome page for my contact information.
    Helpful Hints


    Reading for pleasure and information develops interests and opens new worlds. Books are wonderful, but remember, reading happens everywhere!

    • subscribe to a magazine
    • try new recipes
    • read lunch and restaurant menus
    • read school newsletters and calendars
    • start a book club
    • read maps/brochures for traveling
    • read TOGETHER!


    We write for a variety of reasons. Writing at home can be fun! 

    • make to-do lists or grocery lists
    • write notes to each other
    • keep a journal
    • mark a calendar
    • make a scrapbook and write captions on photos
    • write greeting cards and thank you notes
    • practice spelling words (sort words by patterns, write consonants and vowels in different colors, type words, practice a few words each night, play scrabble or hangman)


    Math is everywhere you look. Practicing math can be fun!

    • skip count (examples: "see if you can get your pajamas on by the time I skip count to thirty. 2, 4, 6...," or "skip count by threes while we wait for the popcorn to cook. 3, 6, 9...")
    • estimate (examples: about how long is the dresser, about how much water will fit in this container, or about how much would it cost for two boxes of cereal)
    • practice facts! (use flash cards, roll dice or use playing cards and add/multiply numbers)