Writer's Workshop is another exciting part of our day that offers choice for your second grader! The format is similar to our Reader's Workshop with the focus being writing.
    Units of Study:
    Lessons From The Masters: Improving Narrative Writing
    Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction
    Poetry: Big Thoughts in Small Packages
    Writing About Reading
    Science Books & Lab Reports ( integrated in our Science units)

        Mini Lesson: Using a read aloud or a piece of writing, we zoom in on one skill that writers find successful. We focus on both ideas and mechanics at this time. We have a practice with talking to a partner about ideas or doing some shared writing together to get ready for independent time.

       Writing Time: Students have choices about what to write about and what types of paper to use from the writing center. I circulate and conference with students one on one or by pulling small groups for similar needs. The students use the drafting, editing and conferencing steps listed above.

      Conferencing: Either peer or teacher conferences take place during the workshop to allow the writers to get feedback before presenting to the group.

      Share Time: We come together and students have an opportunity to share their pieces of writing so the class can give compliments and suggestions. I also connect the student's work to the mini lesson writing or mentor writer we might be studying.