• Classroom Information  Here are some websites to help you practice your skills.
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    A+ Math
    Math activities for every one.
    All Kinds of Math
    Math activities for every grade level and all kinds of activities.
    Black Dog Multiplication Quizzes
    Test how well you know your multiplication facts with Black Dog's quizzes.
    Everything Multiplication
    All kinds of multiplication activities including online computer games.
    FE Kids
    Really good and challenging games...especially for vocabulary. Mom and dad will need to help younger students.
    Football Math
    If you like football you'll like this!
    Fun Brain
    Tons of games and activities of all kinds.
    Primary Games
    Games, games, games for everything! You can even work on your word study skills with some fun spelling games.
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    Find a Book
    If you are looking for something good to read, look at this sight! There are thousands of book reviews about all kinds of books on this site. Many of the reviews have been written by kids. If you need a book for a specific genre of book report this will be perfect.