• Classroom Information

     + AP Drawing

    AP Studio Art offers students a college level experience in drawing while they are in high school. This class benefits each student as he/she prepares for college with a rigorous curriculum, reaching a level in their work that will be expected of them in college. It encourages them to explore particular subjects in their artwork more in-depth than a traditional high school art class. They also have the opportunity to earn college credit. The class is designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of creating art, which involves a vast amount of studio time. As a performance-based class, students develop and submit a portfolio that serves as a direct demonstration of achievement throughout the year. The results of this portfolio reflect their progression of understanding in the visual arts and the creative process. The portfolio is drawing based and is the fundamental process to creative problem solving and the generation of visual ideas. This process establishes a visual vocabulary that allows students to gauge their skills within a practical application. The term "drawing" is used very broadly; it encompasses all types of art that directly involves mark making on a surface. This includes not only work in traditional drawing media - such as pencils, ink, and pastels - but also painting, printmaking, and other forms of expression.

    + Studio in Art

    Studio in Art offers the students a foundation for future art courses and provides art exposure for the student desiring a one-time experience. Students study the history and appreciation of art while completing a variety of one and two dimensional projects. Unit Topics: The Language of Art, Art Criticism and Aesthetic Judgment, Line, Shape, Form, and Space, Color, Texture, Rhythm and Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety, Emphasis, and Unity

     Studio in Sculpture

    Students will study sculpture from three aspects: additive, subtractive and constructive process. They will be exposed to a variety of mediums in order to gain expertise in thinking three-dimensionally. Concentration is on skillful use of materials to create aesthetic sculpture according to the principles of design.

    Grading Policy

    + Studio Assignments & Unit Tests - 80%
    + Homework & Journal Assignments - 20%