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    Every Beginning String player needs the following:

    • Rosin for your instrument (any brand will do) . Bass Players only I suggest "Dr. Pops' Bass Rosin"
    • Students need to listen to the music they're learning. For beginner's it's Suzuki Book 1.  You have many options including iTunes, Suzuki CD, or You Tube (my channel is violinjim and I have recorded all the beginner pieces).  Sometimes a CD comes bundled with the book, this is ok! We’ll use the book in 5th grade and Middle School.  Orchestra music, if available, will be linked in the website page for 5th Grade Orchestra.
    • "Essential Elements" Book 1 for your instrument (brown book, not red)
    • End-pin rest (Cello & Bass ONLY) Straps are preferred for cellos.
    • "Shaped" Sponge Shoulder Rest will come with your instrument, please take care of it.
    • Nail Clippers and rubber bands (keep these in your case or at home, short nails are essential to good technique!)

    Partial Listing of area Music Stores...Call ahead and place your order to ensure availability.  You could also order the materials from sharmusic.com or Amazon!

    • "Chimes Music"  1172 Walden Ave. Cheektowaga.  892-0819
    • "Twin Village Music"  44 Central Ave. Lancaster. 683-4879
    • "Main Music Shoppe" 9139 Main St. Clarence. 634-9169
    • "Monaco's Violin Shop" 55 Crosspoint Pkwy, Amherst  688-8600
    • "Cadence Music" 5844 Goodrich Rd. Clarence, 406-2045
    • "Northtown Music" 3648 Harlem Rd. Cheektowaga NY 14215 838-3835

    Lessons will start the 3rd week of school.  Your child will receive a schedule that rotates them across an entire day.  The day doesn’t change but the time does.  Students need to listen to the pieces Suzuki volume one every day if possible.  As the parent you need to decide what will work best.  You can get the Suzuki Vol. 1 for your child’s instrument on iTunes, purchase a book/CD bundle, or help them find examples on You Tube.  All of the pieces for 4th grade are posted under my You Tube user violinjim.   The more they listen to the music, the faster they will progress.  The sheet music I give them does not teach note reading and some of the pieces won’t have enough to figure them out.  We will begin using the Essential Elements Book after the Twinkles have been mastered and slowly start music reading.  Orchestra rehearsals involve every student and will begin in mid-late November. Lessons only are not an option (HH-LV on Wed @ HH; SH-CC on Mon @ SH) Every student will play the concert on June 4th.    A schedule will be out shortly.  Keep an eye on my website under your school’s teacher pages for more info:

    By now, most of you have paid the $50 rental fee.  This will happen again in February, FYI.  Encourage our child to take very careful care of their instrument.  Accidents happen and the District will repair the instrument but damage due to neglect or inappropriate behavior will be the parent’s responsibility.

    I’m looking forward to a great year, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  Email is best: jieda@clarenceschools.org but call if you need to and I will try and call you back as soon as I can.                                                                                                           Mr. Ieda

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