• www.connectED.mcgraw-hill.com Math 8 online textbook link  Students can use:   ClarenceMiddle for a username and RedDevils1 for a password
                                                                Math 8 Description

       The 8th grade Mathematicians will study a variety of exciting and challenging topics ranging from transformations, algebraic equations and systems, functions, graphing functions,  and geometry.  Throughout all of these topics, the key concept of algebraic problem solving will be intertwined and enhanced.  Students will take the 8th grade state assessment in April and the final exam in June. 

                                                              Common Core Algebra Honors

        The algebra mathematicians will be studying all of the same topics listed above, with the addition of closure, statistics, non-linear functions, quadratic equations, and polynomials.  Students will take quarterly assessments, the midterm and a Common Core Regents exam in June. 

     google "Amsco Integrated Algebra online"  - link to Green Algebra textbook