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    Tips for parents from your elementary orchestra director:
    • Show and interest in his or her practice, study, and ensemble experience
    • Arrange a regular time for your child to practice.  Make it part of their structured routine, preferably before TV or computer games are allowed.  Keep in mind they will need an isolated space with little distraction from other family members.
    • Recognize that most students do not practice on their own, they usually have to be reminded.
    • Know that after the initial "new instrument excitement" there will be a period of discouragement because they want to sound better than what they are capable of playing.   Please encourage them to stick with it and continue to practice.  This is the only way they will sound better and will enjoy playing more.
    • Dr. Suzuki said "Only practice on the days that you eat."  I cannot stress enough that a little practice everyday* is far better than a lot of practice on one day only.
    • String instruments tend not to stay in tune well therefor it is very important that your child pick up the instrument to practice the same day as the lesson.  *By the end of the next week , they may not be able to practice due to an out of tune instrument!
    • Insist on faithful lesson/orchestra attendance and ask them how their day was, what did they learn new, how did they perform.
    • Know that they cannot do it alone, Parents, pupils, and teachers all involved are necessary for musical success!