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       "Ah, music.  A magic beyond all we do here." 

    Albus Dumbloedore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


    is said that music is the universal language.  It has the ability to bridge cultures and touch people from all walks of life.   Music is a part of every person's life, be it through listening to the radio, watching television, or playing in an ensemble.  Being able to intelligently speak about music is part of being a well-rounded, educated person. 



    General Music is a quarterly, special-area subject in which all students participate on a yearly basis.  The curriculum is highly aligned with the New York State Standards for the Arts and emphasizes music performance, analysis, creation and history.  Learning in this course is interdisciplinary and correlates with Social Studies and Art units studied during the same year.  Throughout the three-year course of study, students are exposed to many music genres and eras, modern MIDI-keyboard technology and a variety of electronic and traditional instruments.  Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of students with varying musical experience and aptitude.  The cumulative skills and knowledge from each year provides all students with a solid foundation of music as it functions in society and as an art form.

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    GRADE 6,7 and 8 CHORUS

    Emphasis in this performance-based class is placed on developing fundamental vocal and choral techniques and the acquisition of skills essential to accurate interpretation of musical score.  High standards of performance and the development of critical attitudes are of great importance.  Students are exposed to a a wide variety of choral literature and are provided with the opportunity to explore and develop their special abilities in music.  All students - with the exception of band and orchestra students - are able to participate in chorus, regardless of previous singing experience.  Chorus is a full-credit course and performs three concerts a year.  Quarterly assessments are given at the end of each marking period to monitor and evaluate student progress.

    Chorus Concerts for the 2019-2020 season will be on:
      Tuesday, December 10: Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus, Mixed Show Choir
      Tuesday, December 17: Sixth Grade Chorus, Girls' Show Choir (Atrium Pre-Concert)
      Tuesday, March 10: Sixth Grade Chorus and Orchestra
      Wednesday, March 11: Seventh Grade Chorus and Orchestra
      Wednesday, March 18: Eighth Grade Chorus and Orchestra
      Thursday, April 30: Choirs in the Round (Sixth and Eighth Grade Chorus)
       Wednesday, May 20: All Choruses, Show Choirs and Voce


    Mixed how Choir is a select, extracurricular performing ensemble of approximately 40 students. Students perform selections from broadway and jazz repertoire at concerts and community functions.  Girls' Show Choir is a select choir of Soprano and alto voices. Students in this group perform at the Spring Choral Festival.  Auditions for these groups occur in September and are open to sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  Voce is a non-audition group which performs at two concerts a year.  Participation in band, chorus or orchestra is required for all members, due to the expectation that students be competent in the CMS sight-reading program. 


    The annnual CMS musical involves over 200 students in a variety of capacities.  Children can gain experience in many aspects of theater including acting, hair and makeup, stage craft and set design.   Rehearsals run from mid-December- February. The musical production week will be February 5-10.

    Informational Meeting: Early October
    Auditions: October 23-27
    Mandatory Dress Rehearsals: Sunday, January 26 and February 2
    Performances: February 3-8