• Athletic Program

    The Clarence Central School District Athletic Program is designed to provide opportunities for students to be involved in various levels of athletic competition.  Our athletic program emphasizes teaching the fundamental aspects of the sporting events (rules, concepts and strategies) and developing athletic skills, as well as the personal responsibility of being a member of a team.  As students move from level to level, the process of selection may become more competitive.  Intramural programs are available for all students.
    Mission Statement:  The Mission of the Clarence Central School District Athletic Program is to enhance the overall educational experience, to promote scholastic performance and personal growth, and to maximize student involvement.
    • Promote, model and provide an opportunity for the development of a healthy and active lifestyle.
    • Foster a positive attitude toward participation; build a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
    • Provide quality instruction for technical skill development, assist student athletes to set realistic personal and team goals for performance and accept personal responsibility for team play.
    • Guide social, emotional and physical development by providing an environment that nurtures and challenges students to achieve their maximum personal growth.
    • Create opportunities that encourage all students to develop skills in the areas of leadership, self-discipline and citizenship.
    • Promote a sense of responsibility as an ambassador of our school district.
    • Offer guidance that supplements and enriches the Clarence scholastic program.