• Helpful Information
    Primary I

    Mrs. Julie Bush jbush@clarenceschools.org

    Harris Hill Elementary Room 202

    (716) 407-9175


    CONTACT INFO. – I respect that you know your child best.  You were your child’s first teacher and through the years will be the most vital and consistent part of your child’s education.  If at ANY time you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Email is the easiest way as I check it many times throughout the day in school as well as at home.  No matter how little, if it’s something you’re thinking about, then it’s important to me!  My email address is jbush@clarenceschools.org.  I check my messages before and after school and during the day if there’s time.  If you have an urgent, time sensitive message, please call the office and have them contact me immediately.  I always return email and phone calls within 24 hours.  If you have not heard back from me, please contact me again.  The email and phone system will at times have glitches.    


    IMPORTANT:  Please email me or send me a letter before school begins if your child has any allergy or a special diet.  Although we do class snacks, you are always able to send in a separate snack for your child (please remember to do it daily).  If you’d like to share any additional information about your child’s likes and dislikes or any other concerns you may have, please do so in an email or letter as well.   


    BIRTHDAYS – We will acknowledge your child’s birthday by sharing a birthday snack.  Contact me a few days before your child’s birthday so we can make plans to serve the snack.  Please send in snacks that are easy to serve, along with napkins or plates.  If your child has a summer birthday, I will send a note in May or June so we can schedule and celebrate their very special “unbirthday” during school.  We’d never want to miss it! J 


    DAILY SNACK – Food is important to keep the brain moving and therefore snack is part of our daily routine.  Please periodically send in healthy snacks to share with the class.  Large containers of pretzels, boxes of cereal, animal crackers, and cheese crackers are student favorites, but anything your child likes will do.  I will be bringing in some snacks to start out the year but anything you send in throughout the year is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  I include a note in the newsletter when we are getting low. 


    HOMEWORK – Every teacher has different homework philosophies and policies.  Although the Primary I classroom is structured to meet individual needs, it is still an academic based classroom.  It is important for the students to practice and reinforce skills at home.  Homework will be given most nights to reinforce skills.   Although supporting your child academically is necessary at this age, your child is the one who should be completing the work.  If any assistance is given, please state what you’ve done to help.  For example, “hand over hand assistance”,  “Wrote down models of words, he copied them onto page”, etc.  I prefer that they do the work and you write the answers underneath to clarify when necessary.

    HOMEWORK POLICY–  Homework due dates will be written on the homework and in the newsletter.  If circumstances arise and your child was not able to complete the work, please send in a note stating why.  Life is busy and we know things come up every once in a while!  If your child has a pattern of missing assignments, he/she will then be required to complete the work the next day in school before he/she can participate in recess.  Three or more missing homework pages in a two-week period, will result in a loss of recess.  Please contact me if homework is a stressful situation at home.   It shouldn't be, so please let us help!  

    TAKE HOME FOLDERS – All notes, graded school work, and important papers will be in your child’s take home folder.  It is very important that the folder travels to and from school as part as their daily routine.  We will check them everyday.  Please check your child’s folder and clean out the returned papers every night. 


    FRIDAY SHARING – On Fridays students are allowed to bring one toy to school to share.  What this means is they will be allowed to play with it for a period of time and then the students can trade and play with one another’s toys.  This is an excellent way for the students to learn to share… it’s not always easy when it’s their own toys.  Please send items that are durable when handled by multiple students. 


    NEWSLETTERS  – Every week your child will come home with a newsletter in their take home folder.   It will explain what we will be working on that week in school, as well as list any upcoming assemblies, events, etc.