• Varsity Level

    The varsity teams represent the Clarence Central School District in the highest level of interscholastic competition.  Varsity teams serve as the culmination of our athletic program.

    At the varsity level, students are selected to represent the district based on a number of characteristics.  These include (but are not limited to) level of physical ability, level of skill development, and strong personal traits that allow the student to be a strong contributing member of the team.  Participating in varsity level sports requires a strong commitment to the rigors of numerous practices, some of which may take place during "vacation periods".

    The squad size at the varsity level may be limited.  Students may be cut based on the number of participants that are needed to make the team function effectively in practice situations, as well as during competition.  Team members need to be willing to understand and accept their role within the team.  Although providing playing time for each of the members of the squad is a goal, there is no guarantee as to the amount of playing time.

    In most cases, seniors and juniors make up the majority of the roster.  There are times when sophomores and freshmen are included, but that is done based on special circumstances.  At times, students from the Middle School (8th grade only) may be included.  That would occur rarely and be done in accordance with the policy of the Clarence School Board.