•  Snack Time


    All students are encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to school everyday as part of the district health and wellness initiatives. However, if there are any special food items or circumstances, it is always up to the parents discretion.  

    All classroom snacks consists of  one of the following items:
    1. Fresh fruit or vegetables
    2. Prepackaged items that contain an ingredient label 
    3. Our food service provide, SODEXO, will prepare and deliver a nut free snack to your child's classroom.  A convenient way to order is available on our web site. 
    www.clarenceschools.org  Go to District, go to Business Office, go to Wellness Committee and you will find the healthy snack order form.  
    No Bulk items or home baked goods can be sent in the classroom due to potential for cross contamination.   The same guidelines apply to special celebrations with an additional option of providing a non-food item or activity.
    If you choose to send in a snack in a zip lock bag, Tupperware  or brown bag etc, you must include the label to insure safety.  You may tear off the label, or Xerox the label from the original  packaging and tuck that in the snack bag.