• Modified Level

    The modified level provides an opportunity for seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students to be involved in interscholastic competition.  The program is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of the various games and team play.  It focuses on athletic development, skill development, and teaching game rules.  It is also aimed at developing a sense of healthy athletic competition, as well as socio-emotional growth for students.  The level of competition and practice sessions will be appropriate for the physical development of the adolescent's body.

    The modified level activities will be aimed at providing as many opportunities as possible for students.  Ideally, the intent is to not "cut" students who are really interested in participating.  At the same time, the Clarence Central School District must take into account variables like financial resources, qualified coaches, appropriate facilities, a safe environment, and the number of students who are interested.

    Students participating in modified athletics need to accept the responsibility of team membership and dedication to practice sessions.  Developing athletic skills and understanding will be the focal points of modified athletics.  Students will have opportunities to participate in meaningful events throughout the course of the season.  The sense of winning may be tempered by the goal of developing students.