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    Grade 2 Math Program


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     The Clarence Central School District will be implementing a new math program - Envisions 2.0 in Grades K through Grade 5.

    Our second grade math curriculum has been developed and designed by our teachers for our students around the skills articulated in the Core Curriculum Learning standards for Math. 

    The units include the following:
    1.Fluently Add and Subtract Within 20
    2.Work With Equal Groups
    3.Add Within 100 Using Strategies
    4.Fluently Add Within 100
    5.Subtract Within 100 Using Strategies
    6.Fluently Subtract Within 100
    7.More Solving Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction
    8.Work With Time and Money
    9.Numbers to 1,000
    10.Add Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies
    11.Subtract Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies
    12. Measuring Length
    13. More Addition, Subtraction and Length
    14. Graphs and Data
    15. Shapes and Their Attributes

    Our local math curricula are reviewed regularly by grade level committees as well as inter-grade level committees to ensure a fluent scope and sequence while providing all students with rigorous and relevant experiences.

    Our goal is to produce students who will (1) have mathematical knowledge, (2) have an understanding of mathematical concepts, and (3) be able to apply their mathematical understanding and knowledge in the solution of problems.

    We are very fortunate to have electronic access to our new math program.  Click on the link below and put in your username and password.  I will give you your username and password the first week of school.

    Common Core Math Standards