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     Phonics Instruction

    The purpose of Word Study/Phonics is to examine words and to help students master the recognition, meaning, and spelling of specific words.  A Word Study Program teaches necessary skills and, at the same time, engages children's interest and motivation to learn about how words work. 

    We are implementing a new program this year called The Units of Study written by Lucy Calkins. This program will introduce high-leverage phonics concepts and strategies in a way that keeps pace with students’ reading and writing and helps them understand when, how, and why they can use phonics to read and write. This approach includes hands-on activities that will have children sorting, hunting, and manipulating words to discover patterns. 

    An assessment will be administered early in the year to help determine the developmental level of each student. 




    Try these great sites for word family practice! Just click below!

    Word Family Sort

    Construct a word