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        I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the best dog ever.  Bulldogs are the best kind of dog.  My dog Lizzie is a bulldog.  She has brown and white fur that is really short.  She has a wrinkled face. She uses her nose to smell lots of things.  Bulldogs are not too big and not too small.

    Take Care of Your Bulldog

       You should walk your bulldog every day.  For example, you need to make sure your bulldog gets lots of exercise.  Another thing you need to do is brush its coat and its teeth to keep it looking nice. 

    What Bulldogs Eat

       Bulldogs eat many kinds of food, but you shouldn't feed them too much.  They love special kinds of dog food.  We feed our bulldog a special kind of food with a green can and biscuits.  On the ad it says that if you feed your bulldog the wrong kind of food it could get tired or sick.  Give your dog treats when it does what you want. 

    Keeping Them Clean

       Bulldogs need to stay clean but they don't like to take baths.  My book about bulldogs says if they aren't clean they get fleas.  "You need to wash him so he stays healthy" my dad says.  After the bath they get really tired and they go to sleep.  Bulldogs are the best dog ever!