•   Our math instruction will utilize Pearson envision 2.0. This program is aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards.
        Students bring homework home only after lessons have been completed.  So Lesson 1-1 and Homework 1-1 have the same concepts.  You can look at the lesson page to see how the homework is done.
        Students will be asked to choose 3 problems from the homework page to get practice from the day's lesson.   These pages do not need to be returned.  If your child is having a problem with a concept, then have them return the homework sheet with a note from you about what they need support with.
    The units include:
    Fluently Add and Subtract Within 20
    Work With Equal Groups
    Add Within 100 Using Strategies
    Fluently Add Within 100
    Subtract Within 100 Using Strategies
    Fluently Subtract Within 100
    More Solving Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction
    Work With Time and Money
    Numbers to 1,000
    Add Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies
    Subtract Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies
    Measuring Length
    More Addition, Subtraction and Length
    Graphs and Data
    Shapes and Their Attributes
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