• Science


    Interdependent Relationships in the Ecosystem           

     We will be experiencing our "Save the Bees' unit which will guide us through the interdependence in the ecosytem. We will learn what an ecosystem is and how plants and animals interact and need one another. We learn what plants and animals require to be successful. Learning about the importance of bees in the ecosystem and becoming aware of endangered species is an important concept. Our friend the Lorax will help us through our journey. There is an engineering design project where students design and test out hand pollinators.


    Structures & Properties of Matter

      For our Interactions Unit , students are introduced to the different forms of matter.  We learn about what an interaction is and experiment with materials to create interactions. Students learn how to describe and classify matter by observable properties. They learn that changes in heating and cooling can be reversed sometimes and sometimes not.


    Earth's Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth

     In this unit we learn about maps and globes being representations of the Earth. Water and Land features are studied. The learning continues with identifying processes that are slow and rapid. We meet Tina and have to decide the best for her to live based on what we know about the Earth. Along with creating maps, we lstudy erosion and weathering. An engineering and design project is created demonstrating the best model to protect Tina's house from wind and water weathering.

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