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    Zaner-Bloser Handwriting uses an easy, step-by-step approach to teach handwriting. Continuous-stroke, vertical manuscript reinforces reading development. Cursive alphabet promotes automaticity in handwriting to support students in all of their writing, reading, and assessment efforts.

    We begin our year reviewing manuscript letters and then introduce cursive writing as the year progresses.

    Systematic Handwriting Instruction Is Crucial To Literacy
         As the research related to both literacy and technology shows,learning handwriting is neither outdated nor a superfluous element in the general curriculum.In addition,consider the wisdom of this practical advice from Donald Graves (1994), the highly respected authority on the writing process:
    "Legible handwriting is an important skill—far too important to be left to chance.Systematic handwriting instruction can and should be provided in every school district and classroom because all children deserve the benefits that legible handwrit- ing can confer. Make no mistake, if handwriting has a poor appearance, the writer is judged poorly by our society.This won't end tomorrow. Surface features will always attract far more attention than underlying structures.For a person who has poor handwriting the road ahead is difficult.In spite of the high quality of his [her] ideas and information,the writer will bear a lifelong burden."
        Graves is not the only authority in the field that advocates the teaching of handwriting.As Farris (2001) and others say,"Legible handwriting is relates to the whole field of language and literacy education. Learners who become independent and fluent in writing manuscript and cursive letters enter a world of limitless opportunities.
         Handwriting instruction is an essential element of a complete literacy curriculum.It must not be taught as an isolated skill.Without its integration as part of the overall literacy curriculum,learners lose an important link to the world of learning and communicating (Dobbie and Askov,1995;Farris,2001).



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