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    Word Study
        We will focus our word study on frequently used spelling patterns. The lesons in our phonics connect to our reading and writing lessons so carryover is more successful.

    Snap words (sight words) are expected to be spelled correctly whereever and when ever your child uses them. We assess periodically and work on mastery during our RtI time.
    Our friend Rasheed, helps us learn our new spelling patterns.


        Word Study allows students to manipulate words and study meaningful patterns.
       In lessons, students are looking for:
    • Letters and their corresponding sounds.
    • Components of words, such as roots, prefixes, and suffixes
    • Patterns of how words are spelled, such as word families.
    • How parts of words often will give hints to the meaning of a word, as well as its spelling or pronunciation.

    Word study activities call for active problem solving. Students are encouraged to look for spelling patterns, form hypotheses, predict outcomes, and test them. These activities require students to continually ask themselves, "What do I know about this new word, and how is it similar to words that I already know?"


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    Snap Words