•  Second Grade Curriculum


    • Readers' Workshop: 

      • Includes mini-lessons, independent reading, guided reading, book clubs, conferring, and at home reading
      • A focus on decoding strategies, increasing sight vocabulary, and improving fluency
      • Strategies for reading for meaning, including: retelling, questioning, predicting, synthesizing, inferring, and determining importance 
      • Growing a love of literature through exposure to different genres, authors, and series 

      Writers' Workshop:

      • Includes mini-lessons, independent writing time, conferring, and small group work
      • A focus will be placed on personal narrative, opinion and informational writing, as well as poetry
      • Writing well-developed paragraphs will be taught throughout the year
      • Use of proper grammar and writing conventions will be reinforced continuously 
      • Growing as thoughtful writers, who write with purpose about topics that they care about, will be a goal


      • Units of study include basic, as well as 2 & 3 digit addition & subtraction, place value, geometry, money, measuring length, time, and graphing
      • Demonstrate fluency of addition and subtraction 
      • Use a variety of problem solving strategies
      • Incorporate math vocabulary in written and oral explanations



      • Participate in hands-on interactions experiments 
      • Develop cooperative group skills
      • Use the Scientific Method


      Social Studies

      • Learn map skills
      • Explore and learn about suburban, urban and rural communities around the world 
      • Compare and contrast communities long ago and today