• Third Grade Curriculum



    • Lucy Calkins Units of Study
    • Study different reading genres 
    • Learn many skills and strategies to help improve our reading


    • Lucy Calkins Units of Study
    • Units of Study Website Link: http://www.unitsofstudy.com/home.asp
    • Consume, critique, and produce a variety of writing genres (personal narrative, nonfiction, opinion writing, fairy tale)
    • Use of proper grammar and writing conventions

    Word Study

    • Work with word patterns with "Spelling Connections" program


    • Demonstrate mastery of addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division facts 
    • Explore and use measurement, money, estimation, geometry and fractions
    • Use problem solving strategies and explain in written form using math vocabulary     


    •  Explore weather systems, structures, systems and simple machines, animal adaptations


    • Making healthy choices
    • Human body systems

    Social Studies

    • Communities around the world
    • Discover the different biomes of the world (deserts, polar regions and rainforests)   
    • Geography- maps and globes