• Commonly Used Comprehension Strategies

    When reading with your child, have him/her use these comprehension strategies:

    • Always ask yourself, "Does this make sense?"
    • Predict what will come next
    • Check predictions to see if you are right
    • Reread to see if that helps you understand
    • Read ahead to see if the author gives information that will help you
    • Ask why the author is giving you this information
    • Draw comparisons between the text and your own life (we call these text-to-self connections!)
    • Connect new information in the text to what you already know
    • See if the unfamiliar word may be related to a word you already know
    • Stop and see if you can state the author's major point
    • Explain why the author is using this order to present information
    • Substitute a known word that makes sense for an unknown word
    • Make sure you understand how drawings and tables go with the text
    • Ask how this information relates to earlier information.

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