We are excited to celebrate birthdays in Room #203!  With the increasing number of food allergies and dietary restrictions, our grade level has decided to eliminate birthday treats.  As we look to work together to continue to provide a safe and healthy classroom, your child's birthday will be recognized in the following ways:
    • A birthday sign will be hung above our classroom door. 
    • He/she will lead the class in a GoNoodle "Happy Birthday" song/dance.
    • He/she will get to make a wish while "blowing out" a battery operated candle.
    • He/she will be given a birthday bookmark and pencil.
    Most birthdays will be celebrated on the day of your child's birthday.  Birthdays that fall on the weekend or during a break will be recognized on Fridays when possible.  Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June. 
    FRIENDLY REMINDER:  As per the Harris Hill Handbook, birthday invitations are not to be exchanged in school.