• 4th Grade Reading
    Students should read from a variety of genres (i.e. nonfiction, historical fiction, mystery, biography, poetry, etc.). They will record their independent reading on a weekly reading log. They should read at least five days per week. 
    Read a book at your reading level on Raz-Kids. Work hard to advance through your current reading level.

    At least 1 time per week:

    1) Log into your account on Raz-Kids

    2) Select and read a book.

    3) Take the quiz. If you don't pass the quiz the first time, carefully reread and take the quiz again.

    4) You may write your Raz-Kids reading on your independent reading log.

    Your password will be pasted inside the front cover of your planner.

    Practice your language skills at ixl.com   Don't sign in. Just practice for up to 20 minutes as a guest.
    Log into your Epic account to read great books and take quizzes:  Get Epic
    Enter teacher email: cmiller@clarenceschools.org         Enter PW: Grade4Miller 
    Your pin # is the number of your birth month and day.  
    Note: You can only access this account from school. 
    State Research Project Sites:

     Click on the video below to view causes for the Revolutionary War.

    Click on the Video below to see an overview of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.