• 4th Grade Mathematics
    For the first couple of months, students will review and build-upon 3rd grade skills. However, they will be introduced to place value through the millions.
    Try this Quizlet link to practice your mental math addition/subtractions strategies:   https://quizlet.com/_5cb1gl
    This site provides individualized lessons assigned by Mr. Miller.  Your password is located on a label inside the front cover of your planner.
     This motivating site is helping students enjoy math fact practice. Please click on "Login" and use the information pasted inside the cover of your planner to access the site.
    Another motivating math site. Student usernames and passowords will be pasted inside the cover of their planner.
     Math Magician fact practice in each operation: Coolsciencelab

    Compete against other people using Arcademicskillbuilders 

    Practice Multiplication and Division Facts up to the 12's: Pop-Up Math Facts

    A great interactive view of multiplication, factors and arrays:  Factorizing a Number
    A fun way to practice using the Area Model for multiplication: The Amoeba Game 

    Self-Correcting Multiplication Fact Quizzes 0-12: Quick Quizzes

    Self-Correcting Division Fact Quiz 0-12: Quick Quizzes