• Place Value Games
    There are a variety of place value games from the math play site. The are fun and just right for fifth graders.

    Math Play Addition Games
    Great addition practice from Math Play. You may need to use paper while adding these. You will be adding whole numbers and decimals. Great practice.

    Subtraction from Math Play
    Another set of math play games for subtraction. Great fun.

    Multiplication from Math Play
    Practice your multiplication from math play site.

    Decimal Games from Math Play
    Good decimal practice with adding, subtracting, and rounding. These games include percents. The football game is great fun.

    Fractions from Math Play
    Practice your simplifying fractions and play Fraction Jeopardy. Some of these games will challenge you.

    Geometery from Math Play
    Learn to classify shapes in this fun game format.

    Algebra Games from Math Play
    Practice algebra and coordinate graphing.

    321 Know
    Great math practice for a variety of topics.

    Place Value Pirates
    Great video like game to practice place value of decimals and you get to kill pirates.

    Decimals of the Caribbean
    You will love shooting at ships while learning to read decimal numbers.

    Timez Attack Page
    "Check out these amazing multiplication games from Big Brainz." These video games are a blast and will teach you your multiplication facts too.

    Arcademic Skill Builders Games
    This video type games are a blast and will help students learn many basic calculations. There is a tracking component so that their progress can be monitored.

    Fearless Fleas
    Great measurement game to practice standard and nonstandard measurement.

    Dragon Drop
    Great Envisions game to practice decimals, whole numbers, integers etc.

    IXL Equivalent Decimals
    This is an on-line activity to practice equivalent decimals.

    Maga Website
    Best site ever to practice your math skills. You need your password, but you will learn a lot with these activities.
    Xtra Math
    This site will track your progress practicing math facts. You will need your password and user name.

    Arcademcs Drag Race Game
    You will love this racing game which allows you to practice you division.