• My Links
    Here are some websites I have previewed and selected for curriculum support.  Having said that, I recommend that anytime  your child is on the Internet, it is with adult supervision.
    Interesting websites for Second Graders
    Dr. Seuss
    Fun and colorful site with good educational games. 
    Reading Rockets
    This is a great site to find age appropriate books for your child. It looks like you can see author interviews also. 
    AAA Math
    This site provides good opportunity for your child to practice math facts!
    PBS Kids Website
    A fun site to go to play games associated with programs shown on PBS. 
    This is a great website for practicing math facts. 
    This is a great website for reading comprehension and fluency practice.
    Second Grade Math Concepts
    This a good site for math concept practice at the second grade level. 
    This is an interactive quiz game
    Magical Math
    This is a great site for practicing math facts.