• For Parents

    The Clarence High School Post Prom Committee is hosting its traditional drug and alcohol free celebration following the Senior Prom on Thursday, June 17th, 2021 from 11pm-2am.  This wonderful night is not school funded and depends ENTIRELY on contributions from parents and the community.  We need your help to sustain this special evening!  

    Please consider supporting this event.  There are several ways you can contribute:

    •  Consider donating with recognition as an individual, business owner, or with a group of friends, such as the Soccer Moms or the Friends of (name a club or activity). Business Donation Form

    All donations are tax deductible over $25.  

    Let’s celebrate our students’ hard work and accomplishments.  Our contributions will make this a SAFE and festive night they will always remember!

    Make checks payable to Clarence High School PTO Post Prom  and return to Clarence High School Attn: Post Prom Committee 9625 Main Street Clarence, NY 14031.   



    CLASS OF 2021


    Hall of Fame Information

    Each year a major part of the post prom party is the Senior’s Hall of Fame, a display of collaged photographs throughout his/her life until graduation.  The students are very excited to find their collage and also look at the other collages as well.



    Please submit 12-15 photos of your child throughout the years and we will assemble the collage.  The photos cannot be returned and in most cases are cut to form the collage.  Students will take their collage home at the end of the night to keep as a lifetime memento!


    Please send your photos in a SEALED envelope with the student’s name and mail to CHS Attn: Post Prom 9625 MAIN STREET CLARENCE, NY 14031. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Stacey Victoria at 1-860-334-4462