• Classroom Information/Curriculum

    Below is an overview of our Kindergarten Curriculum:

    Language Arts and Literacy Curriculum


    Listening- We will focus on the importance of listening attentively, following directions, and taking turns in conversation.


    Speaking- We will help students learn to engage in conversations, speak clearly and audibly, and use words to effectively communicate with others.


    Reading-Our goal is to prepare students for the adventure of lifelong reading. We immerse students in reading in many ways throughout the day. Students will participate in shared reading, read alouds, guided reading, buddy reading, and independent reading. There are several components to early reading that we will focus on. Students will learn about phonological and phonemic awareness, print awareness, alphabet knowledge, sight words, decoding and comprehension strategies for independent reading, and engage in book talks. They will participate in Reader's Workshop daily.

    Writing- This involves the use of pictures and words to communicate ideas. 
    Students will learn to draw pictures to express ideas, write alphabet letters,
    label pictures, use invented spelling, write sight words and sentences. As the
    year progresses, the students will take part in genre studies and learn about 
    different types of writing. Students will participate in Writer's Workshop.


    Our math program is called "Envisions". Students use many manipulatives to solve math problems and we will also use our classroom smart board for  lessons. Students will learn concepts such as counting, number sense, geometry, and joining and separating sets. The children are also required to learn addition and subtraction math facts to 5. They will learn to solve math problems in a variety of ways, show their work using manipulatives, record solutions on paper, and discuss their math thinking with others.

    Science and Health

    In kindergarten, we will have many opportunities to be scientists and experience hands-on activities! We will explore, shadows, seasons & plants. We will also learn ways to stay safe and healthy. We will learn about dental health, nutrition, fire safety, and talk about making healthy choices.

    Social Studies

    Kindergarten students develop an awareness of themselves and the community through our Social Studies curriculum. The areas we discuss are self, families, communities, citizenship, holidays, traditions, and various cultures.