• Second Grade Curriculum


    ReadingThe structure for our reading program is a workshop format.  Students are taught to read independently using strategies modeled in mini-lessons, read aloud, small groups, and in individual conferences. Reader's Workshop emphasizes the importance of student engagement and the interaction between the reader and text to foster independence among readers. We offer opportunities for students to read both narrative and informational text. Students use text evidence to deepen their thinking. Instruction moves students to more complex text for listening and learning.

    Writing:Writing will occur in the form of a Writer’s Workshop. Writers' Workshop has a similar format to Readers'

    Workshop. In second grade these genres of writing are emphasized:

    Word Study: We are using the Phonics Units of Study that accompany our Reading and Writing Units.

    Handwriting:An exciting part of second grade is learning cursive letter formation. This comes afer review of proper orientation to the page.

    Math: Our goal is to produce students who will:

             (1) have mathematical knowledge and fluency

             (2) have an understanding of mathematical concepts

             (3) be able to apply  and explain their mathematical understanding and 

                  knowledge in the solution of problems

             (4) construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others

             (5) use appropriate math tools strategically


    Science: Our units in science include: Structure and Properties of Matter, Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems, Earth's Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth and Engineering Design. Science is taught using inquiry and experimentation.


     Social Studies: We will begin our studies with how to be good citizens and learn about the world around us. We will Skype around the world! Second graders love our postcard exchange with other classes in the fifty states as we learn about our country.  We will Skype with some of these new friends as well.  Our studies wrap up with learning what a community is and what factors impact the development of that community. 

    Technology Integration:  Your child will be introduced to learning through online experiences whole group, individual and opportunities for practice at home.