• Today is Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    What is Art Partners:

    Art Aartners is a club designed to support, help and encourage students and community involvement in and through the arts.

    What we’ve done in the past to contribute:

    • Annual Art Auction – students from both Art Partners and National Art Honor Society host a student based winter art auction. All proceeds benefit the Clarence Food Pantry
    • Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness - members created handmade jewelry and sold it as a means to help support the Susan G. Koman Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness. 
    • Empty Bowls Project – members created and donated bowls for the Empty Bowls Project.

    **Art Partner Partnership**

    Art Partners has established on ongoing partnership with our local Clarence Senior Center.  Students have participated in many meet and greet shows where they display and share art work with members of the senior center.  Art Partners also organizes painting workshops at the senior center for members of both the senior center and Art Partners.

    **Art Partner Sponsorship** 

    Every year art students from Clarence have the opportunity to have someone sponsor them as a student artist. A sponsor is usually someone the student knows within the Clarence Community who would be willing to donate funds towards the student’s pursuit of the arts. The sponsorship is designed to help make art supplies more affordable for our art students. In return, each student partner creates a piece of art for his or her art partner from one of his/her elective art classes.

    The Art Partner members host a reception every year in May/June.

    **Meeting Times** 

    Art Partners typically meets twice a month on Friday mornings before school. Additional workshop times are scheduled to work on projects for fundraising events.

    For more information, contact Maribeth Rice-Gaiser, club advisor at mrice-gaiser@clarenceschools.org