• Welcome to 6th Grade Orchestra at CMS!

    Ms. Fitzgerald retired on August 24, 2020 after 19 years teaching in the Clarence Schools.  Specific questions about orchestra during the 2020-2021 will be answered by during the first and second week of classes.

    Here is some information to help you be ready for orchestra:

    1. A lesson schedule will be distributed during orchestra AFTER a couple weeks of classes.

    2. Violin and viola students need to rent or purchase their own instruments. If you rent, please make rental arrangements now with a music store.  Having a nice instrument is very important for success and progress!  Don’t wait until the last minute to rent or purchase! 

    3. Violins and violas are expected to carry instruments to and from school daily. Lockers for instruments are provided in the orchestra room; a lock is not necessary.

    4. In past years, cello students are provided a home and school cello for half (1/2) and three-quarter (3/4) sizes. When students reach full (4/4) size, cellists need to rent or purchase a cello for home  A full size (4/4) cello is provided for school use.

    5. In past years, bass players are provided basses for home and school use. 

    Supplies Needed:

    • Lesson Book:  Essential Elements for Strings -  Book 2   for your instrument

    • Tuner App on any device or Korg CA50 Chromatic Tuner (recommended)

    • Shoulder Rest (violin and viola) KUN or EVEREST brand (recommended)

    • Endpin Rest (cello and bass)

    • Rosin

    Please put your name on your books, accessories, bow, and outside of your instrument case.

    Being prepared with all your materials is very important for your success!