• Drawing & Painting I

    Full Year Course – 1 Credit


    Course Overview:


    Drawing and Painting I offer students the ability to explore a variety of subject matter and themes including still life, nature, landscape, and the human form. They work from observation as well as from photographic sources. Students will use and apply new techniques with a variety of mediums including the use of graphite, colored pencil, pen & ink, pastels, watercolor, and acrylic paint. Students will study the work of accomplished artists, good design practices, composition, and art history as it relates to the lesson. Students are required to keep a portfolio of their work including a sketchbook and finished artwork. We culminate the year with a portfolio presentation.




    Course Expectations:

    Class work


    Drawing and Painting I students are able to complete most of their class work during the class/studio time allotted. Should a student be absent, he or she may need to find extra time to get caught up with the rest of the class. Students are expected to come to class prepared to work with necessary supplies / references etc. Student effort is taken into consideration for part of each project grade.


    Homework / Journal Assignments

    Students are given journal or homework assignments to enhance the curriculum. The assignments consist of drawings, paintings, creating or finding visual references for assignments, and research based on the study of an art movement or artist/s. Typically, one assignment is given per week. Students are expected to put forth one – two hours per week to complete these journal assignments. Students are frequently reminded ~ effort equals success (this includes setting forth the necessary time needed to complete each assignment. Reference photos/images used are to be original and not printed off of the internet. In addition, all references are to be proportionate to the drawing/painting and not the actual size as the artwork itself. As this is a drawing class, using references the same size as the project and tracing of references is not permitted and will result in a failing grade. If a student is unprepared with his/her assignment, they will receive a detention.



    Students are given rubrics along with each assignment. Grading varies per assignment; however, there is usually a focus on composition, originality, technical skills and craftsmanship. Students are also required to submit an artist statement for each assignment including in-class work and journals alike. Grades are weighted by a point system. Late will have points deducted on a daily basis – approximately 10% per day. * * * After 3 days, missing assignments will result in a zero. As stated above, it is the students’ responsibility to set up an appointment to discuss their due date is they have been absent due to illness.



    Be prepared to turn work in on the day it is due as assignments are always given with plenty of advance notice unless you have missed several days of classes. It is the students’ responsibility to set up an appointment to discuss their due date is they have been absent due to illness. It is recommended that students who are absent for two or more days contact the teacher to ensure they have necessary work needed to keep them current with the rest of the class.


    Extra Help

    If a student is in need of extra help, they should contact me as quickly as possible. I am typically in the building by 8:15 AM. Do not wait until the day an assignment is due to ask for extra assistance!


    Be ready to have fun and work hard! Effort equals success.


    Mrs. Rice-Gaiser

    407-­‐9020   ext.  1130