• In this class, we follow the established house procedures in regards to homework detention.

    Homework is usually worth 5 points. It is graded as follows:

    5 points - for work that is completely done, following all directions and using complete sentences. No blanks.
    4 points - for work that is done, but could use more effort. May have one question not answered in complete sentences and/or overuse of pronouns.
    3 points - late work that is otherwise done well OR incomplete work. Work with even one blank is considered incomplete. May also be given for work with multiple incomplete sentences or extreme overuse of pronouns.
    2 points - work that is largely incomplete or late and poorly done
    1 point - rarely given. For extremely poor effort or barely started assignments. Will count as a late homework for the purposes of homework detention.
    0 points - work that is not turned in a timely manner, plagiarized work, or work that has been copied. Both the student who copied and who allowed their work to be copied will receive zeroes.

    Occasionally, you may earn a homework pass or mulligan.

    Homework passes may be turned in instead of any 5-point homework assignment. They may also be used to receive an extra day to turn in longer term assignments, such as writing assignments, projects, or assignments worth more than 5 points.

    Mulligans  may be turned in to extend the due date for any assignment by one day.